1. Lawn Mowing Tips

    Well, it’s official. Lawn mowing season has begun. While this is certainly not a favorite job for most homeowners, it is an essential component of lawn care. Not only does regular and proper lawn mowing help keep your lawn looking great, but it also helps to keep your lawn healthy and eliminate some of the pests that can infest your lawn. To help get the most out of your lawn mowing, we here at …Read More

  2. Mulching—Information and Benefits

    Adding a thick layer of mulch to your landscape not only enhances its beauty, but it also has a number of other positive benefits. As leading providers of mulching services in the Ascension Parish area, we at Royal Estates Lawn & Landscape would like to share with you some information regarding mulching. If you are in need of mulching services, do not hesitate to contact us with any questions …Read More