1. Why Are There Brown Spots On My Lawn?

    Nothing puts a damper on all the hard work and lawn care you’ve done like brown patches of grass on your, otherwise, lush green lawn. This is especially frustrating and alarming if you are unsure of how they got there. If you fall into this category and this is how you wound up on this blog post, Royal Estates Lawn & Landscape would like to share with you some information regarding brown pat…Read More

  2. Spring Lawn Care Checklist

    Well, it’s official—spring has sprung. If you want to ensure that your summer lawn and landscaping is top-notch, it’s time to start prepping. When you perform lawn care and maintenance in the spring, once summer rolls around you are more prepared to seed, plant, and simply enjoy your summer. Not sure what your spring lawn care list should look like? No problem—in today’s blog we here at …Read More